Interior Design - How to Design Rooms for Entertaining

So our clients lived here for over six years before they reached out to designers to help them with their main floor our challenge we really saw was to connect the spaces make them work well together but also make the rooms usable and beautiful my background in

hospitality often we try to bring the residents into the hotel make it feel like more of a home in this case I try to bring the idea of a hotel or restaurant into the home the space to their shared spaces the rooms are really

more like lounges versus living room family room we wanted the dining room to be a place to hang out and you know spend a long time over dinner and be comfortable it's in sight line with the living room so to look at it from the

living room we wanted it to be a nice composition we painted the whole room the same color which was a big charcoal which made it more intimate the living room we went later and made it a little more feminine we treated less

conventional in terms of a layout it's not a formal layout it's more areas and pieces to fit on so that when you walk into their room you don't feel like you have an obvious place to sit love this particular so fast it's a great sofa

because it really helps keep that flow of conversation working and it's very comfortable just to sit and perch on your own with a book the piano room we went back to a darker palette much like we did with the dining room we again

painted the whole room a nice charcoal the upholstered panel we added to absorb fan so it was a big functional element it also added a layer of warmth and coziness to the room but the nice functional element is that when the

piano is being plated absorbs to found the art was a layer that was explored once the spaces were complete the clients hired a great art consultant who brought forth many pieces I was fortunate enough to be brought in to

weigh in on the selection and placing the art I loved the piece of my crystal games they have a wonderful collection of contemporary Canadian and international earth I think my favorite part about working on this project was

working with the clients themselves I got to push them out of their comfort zone it's always good to feel uncomfortable when you're designing spaces because then you can kind of hone in on what you really really like it was really fun.