Interior Design - How to Design Rooms for Entertaining

So our clients lived here for over six years before they reached out to designers to help them with their main floor our challenge we really saw was to connect the spaces make them work well together but also make the rooms usable and beautiful my background in

hospitality often we try to bring the residents into the hotel make it feel like more of a home in this case I try to bring the idea of a hotel or restaurant into the home the space to their shared spaces the rooms are really

more like lounges versus living room family room we wanted the dining room to be a place to hang out and you know spend a long time over dinner and be comfortable it's in sight line with the living room so to look at it from the

living room we wanted it to be a nice composition we painted the whole room the same color which was a big charcoal which made it more intimate the living room we went later and made it a little more feminine we treated less

conventional in terms of a layout it's not a form…